A Letter to the Geek Girl

Dearest Geek Girl,

I get it. Being a geek girl can be hard. I heard those kids on the playground say “but that’s for boys” when you told them you watched Star Wars the night before. I heard the snickers as you pretended your pencil was a wand in science class. I saw the eyebrows raised as you unpacked the dozens of books for your dorm bookshelf. I heard your coworker say “I don’t get it” when you wore that awesome cosplay to the work Halloween party. I get it. Because I’ve been there.

It can be hard to be a geek girl. But it’s also the greatest thing ever! You have a passion. You have imagination. That’s more than most people ever get. You’ve seen the ones without it- walking around with their heads down. Going through life like a machine.

Not you. You’re like a splash of color on a drab background. You stand out. You make the world exciting. Embrace it. You’re like a unicorn in a world of horses.

So buy that new book. Wait in line at the bookstore for the midnight release. Dress up to see the new Star Wars movie. Build that cosplay you’ve always wanted to make. Get the Harry Potter inspired dishes for your house. Get tickets for the con you’ve always wanted to go to. Scour Etsy for the perfect fandom jewelry. Embrace the geek girl. That’s who you are.

Don’t try to be like everyone else. Because that’s boring. You are you. And you are a geek girl.

geek girl (1)


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