Self Care the Geeky Way

What are some of your favorite ways to relax? I’m at teacher, so honestly, at the end of the day I don’t usually want to be hanging out with people. Give me Netflix, Prime Video, or a good book instead, and I’ll be a happy camper.

I also love to pamper myself! Face masks, lip scrubs, bubble baths- I’m a sucker for all of them. So when Ashley started up Fairytale Bath Company, I was so excited! Because not only does she make beautiful and unique bath and body products, but she also makes them NERDY!

The first item that I saw of Ashley’s was this cauldron bath bomb. As a huge Potterhead, I knew I needed one of these in my life. I mean, it was like swimming in Potions class! (And absolutely no stress from Professor Snape!). They smell amazing, have glitter, AND can be used more than once! Plus the cauldron is leftover, so you can use that for brewing your own batch of Felix Felicis when you’re finished.

She also makes a lip scrub that is to die for. It’s a HUGE container (I’ve barely made a dent in mine), so it will last you a long time! She’s got tons of flavors like Black Forest (personal fave), Smackerel of Honey, and Goblin Fruit. And your lips will feel divine after you use this!

For the traditionalist, Ashley also stocks some regular bath bombs. And they are so gorgeous and vibrant! I seriously have never seen bath bombs as bright as these! She has some awesome Harry Potter themed ones, as well as some Hunger Games inspired ones! I mean, I know we’ve all wanted to live it up like the Capitol! These bath bombs will definitely help you on your way.

If bubble baths are more your thing, Fairytale Bath Co. has got you covered! These house pride bubble scoops like just like ice cream scoops (super cute), but make your bath feel just like the prefect’s bath! All you need is a golden egg (and Moaning Myrtle!).

If you happen to be a Death Eater (we won’t judge), you might feel more at home with this Dark Arts bath bomb. After all, working for He Who Must Not Be Named can be exhausting.

There are a TON of other goodies that I don’t have time or space to talk about, but I wanted to show my favorite part last! Ashley also has a subscription box! This box is only $25 (and yes, that includes shipping!), and you’ll get on average 3-5 bath and body items each month. That’s a self-care day each week! The other great thing, is these items are made especially for the box. Each box has a theme, and the theme for January 2018 was Another Galaxy. All items were inspired by some of our favorite science fiction series like The Martian, Star Wars, Illuminae, and more!


BTW, Ashley did not pay me at all to write this review of her amazing shop! I just had to feature it because it’s seriously awesome!

*All photos except for the last one are from Fairytale Bath Company’s website.