Fandom Fashion: Picnic in the Lake Country

My first introduction to Star Wars was by watching the prequels (you can read more about that in the February edition of ComLINKS here). After watching, I wanted to be a Jedi, and I needed Padme’s wardrobe. Unfortunately the prequels don’t get much love, but they hold a special place in my nerdy heart!

Anakin and Padme on Naboo. Image from

Fandom fashion is definitely a passion of mine, so when I saw this skirt by Her Universe, I had all the heart eyes! The beautiful blue color makes it perfect for the warmer months, but you could definitely still wear it during winter. It’s a high-wasted skirt and falls below the knees giving it a retro vibe. The fabric is thick enough to give it structure, but not thick enough to be too hot. It also has POCKETS!

Her Universe Naboo skirt

I paired this skirt with a white blouse and gray cardigan (both from Forever 21). For a warmer day, I would get rid of the cardigan!

The real treat is the beautiful impressionistic scene on the bottom. It depicts the picnic scene in Naboo from Star Wars: Episode II. You have the beautiful palace, the lakes, waterfalls, and the field with Anakin and Padme. In the sky there are two moons as well as a Nubian royal starship. The picture is subtle enough for your non-geeky friends to enjoy, but your geeky friends will definitely be sending compliments your way!

Her Universe Naboo skirt

Close up on the skirt. Sorry it’s a bit wrinkled!

My only complaint with the skirt is that it’s not lined, so it could be a little see-through in direct light! But keeping it unlined helps it not to get too hot. You can easily fix the problem with a slip if you’re worried!

You can grab this skirt at the Her Universe website here or at Box Lunch here.