Favorite Solo Scene: June 2018 ComLINKS

*This post is part of a link up started by Jenmarie over at Anakin and His Angel. Each month she has a different galactic topic for us to explore and write about. This month we’re talking about our favorite scene from the new Solo movie!

“I’m going to be a pilot. Best in the galaxy.”//  Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story

Warning! Solo spoilers ahead!


Image from Starwars.com


I’ll admit it, I was not thrilled when I heard that Han Solo was getting his own movie. I really wasn’t interested in the low-life of the Star Wars galaxy. Han was a cool character, but he wasn’t really one of my favorites. I really wanted a story about something I didn’t know anything about- the Old Republic or the time between the fall of the Empire and the rise of the First Order. But as I thought about it more, I began to appreciate what the story could tell. When the trailers finally dropped, my jaw dropped along with it.

“I have a really good feeling about this.” Me too, Han. Me too!

I’ve seen the movie a total of 3 times since it came out, and have not regretted any of the viewings! The first time I saw it opening night was a blast. There’s nothing like experiencing a Star Wars film for the first time in a theater. But I really think the second and third viewings solidified my love for this movie. It’s nothing like any previous Star Wars film. No lightsabers (well, not really anyway), no Force, no talk of Jedi- all we saw was the gritty life of people living under the Empire’s iron fist. And I loved it.


Image from Starwars.com


Picking a favorite scene was not easy. I loved watching Han and Chewie meet for the first time. I loved watching Han and Lando get introduced for the first time. (“It’s Han, actually, but that’s okay.”) I loved Lando in every scene he had, and I absolutely loved it when Han and Chewie flew together for the first time. All of those scenes were sentimental and fun.

But the scene that left me leaving the theater with questions and longing for more was the scene with Maul. Watching Clone Wars and seeing Maul return was quite a shocker, especially since everyone thought he was surely dead. I ended up loving his character arc in TCW and Rebels (especially his interactions with Ezra). But I was not expecting to see him in this movie!


Image from Starwars.com


I about fell out of my chair! Seeing Maul involved with Crimson Dawn and seeing Qi’ra really be tied up in it gave this movie a depth it wouldn’t have had without this scene. I’m really hoping we get to see more of Maul/Qi’ra in the future (Boba Fett or Obi-Wan movie??) so we can learn more about their relationship!

For Mirium: Star Wars Fan-Fic

One of my hobbies is writing. Currently I’m working on a YA science fiction novel. Keeping focused, however, is not a strong point of mine! Sometimes you need something to encourage the writing skills without stressing you out. That’s where fan-fic comes in! The world-building is already done for you (and even characters if you aren’t doing an original character) which allows you to just focus on story-telling.


Image from Starwars.com


I was feeling a bit down about my work in progress, and I saw a Star Wars fan-fic contest over at Writers Domain. I decided to give it a shot to see what happens! I wrote about a young woman who is an Imperial fighter pilot (we just don’t get enough stories from the Empire’s point of view!). After some nerdy research on TIE fighters, the second Death Star, and the Battle of Endor- “For Mirium” was born two days later. I’m pretty proud of the final product (especially for being written in 2 days!), so I thought I’d share it with you all!

The lurch from realspace to hyperspace hardly bothered Mayla anymore. She was always amazed at how much she had gotten used to since graduating from the Imperial Flight Academy. She had been on dozens of missions, stationed onboard five star destroyers, and entered and exited hyperspace more times than she could count.

If you had asked the poor, dirty little girl living on Lothal twenty years ago if this is what she imagined her life would become, you would have gotten a resounding negative. But here she was, a major in the Imperial Navy. Commander of her own squadron of TIE fighters. Her parents would have been proud.

Would have. That was the key phrase. They would have been proud if they hadn’t been killed by Rebels when Mayla was just ten. Mayla could still remember cradling her mother’s head, watching her take her last breaths. Her father’s whispered voice saying, “For the Empire!” before coughing and dying.

Now, Mayla looked out the observation window and saw the warbled blue light streaking by. She had no idea where they were headed- only that they had been called away from their previous position to this new one. Mayla figured there was a serious problem with the Rebels. They had been causing a lot of problems lately. And for the life of her, Mayla could not figure out why anyone would want to be a part of something like that.

She had voiced this opinion to her sister, Mirium, the day before. Mirium had just recently graduated from the Flight Academy and was currently flying patrol missions over Malastare.

“I don’t understand these Rebels. Why keep fighting? It’s practically hopeless!” Mayla had said over the holotransmission.

Mirium hadn’t replied at first. “I guess that’s why they do it. It’s practically hopeless, but not completely.”

Mayla had raised her thin eyebrows. “The Rebels killed our parents.”

Mirium had held up her hands in defense. “I’m not saying I agree with them! I’m just saying that they believe they have a little bit of hope.”

“Well then it’s up to us to stamp out that hope.”

Mayla’s comm buzzed. It was a message from one of her closest friends and comrades, Pax. She had graduated with Pax, and the two had been delighted to find that they were stationed together.

“Mayla, there’s something you need to see. Now.”

“Can it wait? I’m supposed to be on-duty in an hour. Wanted to take a quick nap before we exited hyperspace.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Mayla sighed and headed for Pax’s quarters. When she arrived, she saw Pax’s face was drawn and white.

“I think you need to sit down,” Pax said quietly. She pulled out her datapad. “I debated on whether or not to share this with you because you technically aren’t supposed to know.”

Mayla eyed Pax suspiciously. “You’re going against regulations?” Pax never broke regulation.

Pax ignored her. “One of my jobs is to go through this data to send out as news transmissions throughout the Empire. This particular story caught my eye because it took place on Malastare.”

Mayla nodded. “There’s a lot of unrest there—”

“A squadron of fighters was shot down yesterday evening, Mayla.”

Mayla blinked. Fighters shot down? That was awful! She shook her head in disgust. “Those Rebels—”

“All pilots were killed. Including Mirium.” Pax put her hand on Mayla’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“What? Mirium? But that can’t be. I just spoke with her yesterday morning! You must have wrong information. That can’t be true.” Mayla felt her chest begin to constrict. She was having a hard time breathing.

Pax bit her lip. “I’m so sorry, Mayla. I wish I was wrong.” She handed Mayla the datapad with the list of the deceased.

There it was. Mirium Iona- Killed in Action. Mayla’s eyes began to burn. She let the datapad slip out of her hands onto the floor.

“Is there anything I can get for you?”

But Mayla didn’t hear her. TIE pilots were the toughest of the tough. Of the thousands of people who entered the Imperial Flight Academies each year, only 10% ever graduated. They were taught that they were expendable. Their deaths were for the greater good. And the pilots prided themselves in that. No shields. All guts. But this was different. Mirium was just another pilot to the Empire, but not to Mayla. Mirium was the only family she had left. And the Rebels had taken that from her. They had taken everything from her.

Mayla clenched her fists and bit the inside of her cheek. The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth. An alert on her commpad brought her back to the present. She was now on-duty.

She barely had time to process how she was going to get through her shift when the ship lurched into realspace. Mayla looked up at the small window in the room, something she did every time she entered back into realspace.

Pax’s mouth dropped open. “What is that?” Her voice was barely audible.

Ahead, a huge construction site was taking place. It wasn’t finished, but there was no question about what it was. “Another Death Star?” Pax answered her own question.

Mayla stood and numbly walked to the window. She could hardly believe it. After the first one had been destroyed, Mayla didn’t think the Empire would try to rebuild. But the Empire was always full of surprises. “I guess the Empire wasn’t going to give up that easily,” she mumbled.

Surrounding the half-completed Death Star were dozens of star destroyers. TIEs were being deployed from the hangars of most of them. She glanced to the left of the window. A Rebel ship was taking fire. Two X-wings zoomed past her.

Mayla stared, a lone tear dripped from her right eye. This wasn’t going to be a simple skirmish.

Alarms sounded throughout the ship.

“All pilots, report to your designated hangars immediately.”

Mayla brushed the tear on her cheek away. No time for tears now. The Rebels had caused enough grief in her life already. They would pay for what they did. She hurried to the hangar bay. Already, dozens of other pilots were flooding in. Alarms echoed through the cavernous hangar. Ground crewmen were scurrying around like mouse droids prepping the TIEs.

Admiral Letta marched toward Mayla and the other pilots assembling in the hangar. He was flanked by three stormtroopers on both sides.

“Rebels. X-wings and that blasted Falcon. Take them out.”

The pilots around Mayla nodded their agreement. “Aye, sir.”

Mayla ran to the shining black TIE Interceptor she would be flying. No shields. All guts. She sucked in a deep breath. Her guts would have to be enough now. Her mind was still reeling from her sister’s death, but her psychological training was kicking in. Use that anger. She told herself. Focus it. Mayla climbed up the ladder above the ship and dropped into the cockpit. As she let her body slide into the cramped chair, she couldn’t help but wonder what Mirium felt like climbing into her cockpit for the last time.

She wouldn’t have known. Mayla told herself. Just like you don’t know if this is your last time. The thought hardly crossed Mayla’s mind anymore. Climbing into a TIE was like climbing into death’s mouth, but after doing it hundreds of times, one tended to forget.

She locked her helmet into place- the hissing noises of the oxygen filled her ears. It was a sound she never got used to, but it was like home. Like the wobbly front step she always tripped on going into her house. And now, the hissing provided some sort of grounding sensation for Mayla. Lights flashed on the cockpit. She flipped switches, engaging the systems. She glanced over the sensors, checking to make sure all was well.

As Mayla went through the pre-flight checklist, she felt her eyes starting to burn again. She blinked the tears away. She had a squadron to lead. Mourning would come later.

“This is Phantom. All systems are go.”

The other pilots echoed out that they were ready as well.

Mayla pulled her TIE out of the hangar into space, the rest of the squadron following after her. As she left the hangar, Mayla gawked at the sight before her. She had been involved in small battles before, but this was different. Hundreds of other TIEs were already in space. Everywhere she looked there were star destroyers. The looming metallic shell of the second Death Star was just ahead. Three green laser bolts shot past her.

“All right, it’s show time. Follow my lead.”

The adrenaline pumping into her bloodstream caused her to forget the pain and grief. Now all she could think about was staying alive. One hit from the Rebels, and she would be gone in a fiery explosion. The TIEs were built to be efficient and cheap. No shields, no life-support, and no hyperdrive meant that the fighters were some of the lightest spacecraft in production. Able to move in any direction in almost a split second’s time. But the efficiency had a high cost. Almost daily, reports of dead pilots appeared.

That thought seemed to stop time for Mayla. Her sister was one of those dead pilots. Her name would be on the list in the morning. Mayla bit on her cheek again, fresh blood flooded into her mouth. Now her goal was to make sure her own name didn’t end up on that list as well.

Mayla locked onto an X-wing in front of her and fired. She pulled her TIE up and over the explosion. She didn’t want any of the debris to hit her ship.

“Great shot, Major.”

She didn’t have time to revel in her success. One downed fighter wasn’t going to win the war. One downed fighter wasn’t going to make up for her sister’s death. Two laser bolts shot dangerously close by. Her onboard computer screens showed that three Rebel X-wings were pulling up behind her.

“Evasive action!” Mayla commanded her squadron. She pushed the floor pedals so that her fighter took a sharp left around the bridge of a star destroyer. Two other fighters pulled up next to her. And then a blast of green and fire. The TIE to her left was nothing more than mangled metal.

No shields. All guts. Fly high, pilot. Mayla thought to herself as she spotted two Rebel fighters ahead. Their S-foils were in attack position, ready to fire on the star destroyer’s cannons. She moved to get the enemy ship into range.

Even though sound was non-existent in space, Mayla knew what she sounded like approaching the enemy fighter. The scream of the twin ion engines was iconic. There was nothing like it in the entire galaxy. It put pride into the hearts of the loyal citizens of the Empire, and fear into those who were not. It reminded citizens that the Empire was there- protecting them, watching them.

It was that same scream that had caused Mayla and her sister to apply for the Flight Academy. As youngsters on Lothal, they watched the Empire rise from the ashes of the fallen Republic. They watched stormtroopers paste Imperial propaganda posters on the walls of buildings. Every morning, they were woken by the sounds of the TIEs flying overhead. Mayla would run out of her family’s small home to watch in awe as the Imperial fighters raced above the city. They were so close, she had felt like she could reach out and grab them out of the sky.

“One day,” she had told her father. “I’m gonna fly one of those.”

That was the day before her parents had been killed.

Now Mayla sucked in the cold oxygen that was provided to her through the hoses connecting her helmet to the life support chest box. She was flying one of those. And she was good at it. The X-wing was locked in. She pressed the fire button on top of her control, and the Rebel ship spun widely out of control. She pulled back, watching it for a moment before it crashed into a formation of five TIEs.

Five more dead pilots.

Five more names joining Mirium’s.

One of her pilots radioed in. “Major, I can’t shake them. I—”


She had just lost one of her own.

Mayla swore and turned her ship up and over the debris from the crash. Even a small piece of metal could damage her own fighter. As she brought her ship back into formation with the remaining fighters in her squadron, she noticed something outside her cockpit window. Another piece of stray debris, perhaps?

Not debris. A helmet. Black, with the Imperial cog printed in bright white on the side. One ripped hose was still attached, moving eerily in the vacuum of space.

Snap out of it, Mayla! You’re an Imperial pilot! One of the best in the galaxy. And you’re going to end up just like that if you don’t get your act together.

Her fighter shuddered. Mayla jerked her head to the right to see what happened.

An entire Rebel ship had just exploded.

“What in the—” Mayla looked up to see the lasers of the second Death Star engaged.

It’s operational?

“Ooh, yes!” A voice boomed through the comm in her helmet.

“Rebel scum doesn’t stand a chance,” came another.

The new Death Star was operational. Mayla felt like a huge load had been lifted off her chest. All the grief she had been feeling seemed so small in comparison. She wanted to cry, not from sadness, but from relief. Surely the Rebels wouldn’t keep up the fight after this. They would have to surrender. They wouldn’t be given any mercy, but the rebellion would be over. The fight would be ended. The Rebels who killed her sister would be punished. Mayla could fly her TIE over Lothal, letting her engines comfort the citizens there. Her sister would not have died in vain.

Her relief was like a balm. Like she was floating on a cloud. The next minutes were almost a blur. Target locked. Fire. Target destroyed. Repeat. Over and over again.

The fools! Why do you keep fighting?

The Rebel ships were converging on the Death Star. Including the Millennium Falcon. Mayla smiled to herself. She knew how much the Empire hated that ship. To destroy it would make her a hero. She put her TIE in pursuit.

The eclectic band of Rebel ships entered the unconstructed area of the space station. Seven other TIEs had joined her in pursuit of the ships as they headed down the unfinished ventilation shafts. Mayla locked onto an X-wing into range and fired.

Target destroyed.

The Rebel ships split off and began to head back to the surface.

Mayla was in pursuit.

“All fighters return to the Executor immediately.” The orders rang throughout her helmet.

Mayla turned her TIE back towards the Imperial dreadnaught. Its cannons were firing on Rebel fighters when one damaged one slammed into the Executor’s bridge. Mayla watched in horror, knowing full well that no one on that bridge would survive the impact.

Debris was flying in all directions.

“Fighters, get away from there!”

Mayla pushed the pedals, turning her TIE sharply to the right. But she wasn’t fast enough. A loud thud sent her fighter spinning.

Mayla tried to get control of her ship. Alarms were ringing.

She watched in horror as the sensors began blinking critical alerts. She felt her fighter begin to spiral.

“Eject. Eject. Eject.” A soothing voice echoed through the cockpit. Mayla tried to regain control, but it seemed useless. She fumbled for the eject button, but the spinning was too fast. Too hard. The G-forces were too strong. Mayla felt herself begin to lose consciousness.

It’s over.

She would crash or explode in a matter of seconds. It didn’t matter. Both options would end her life.

But she would not be dying in vain. She had avenged her parents. She had avenged her sister. She had given her all for the Empire. She would be hailed a hero. The thought brought a smile to Mayla’s lips.

As her vision tunneled, Mayla focused in on the half-constructed Death Star. A weapon that would end the rest of the Rebels. A weapon that would end the war and bring peace to the galaxy.

Her vision began to fade, but her smile did not.

Flames engulfed the small black fighter. For the Empire. For Mirium.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the story or about writing fan-fic in general!

Favorite Bounty Hunters: May 2018 ComLINKS

*This post is part of a link up started by Jenmarie over at Anakin and His Angel. Each month she has a different galactic topic for us to explore and write about. This month we’re talking about our favorite galactic bounty hunter!

“Bounty hunters. We don’t need their scum.” // Admiral Piett, The Empire Strikes Back

When you hear “bounty hunters,” most people immediately think of Boba Fett. And rightly so! His awesome Mandalorian armor, his cool jet pack, and the fact that we never get to see his face (at least in the originals) makes him a really neat dude.

But I decided to focus on a character who only gets a few minutes of screen time, and one that was the first bounty hunter I met.

Zam Wessel.


Image from StarWars.com


A Clawdite from Zolan, Zam was a shapeshifter and could change her appearance to any kind of humanoid. Jango Fett had hired her to kill Padme Amidala. She first set an explosion on Padme’s ship, and then set kouhuns lose in Padme’s apartment. After both failing to kill the senator, Anakin and Obi-Wan chased her around Coruscant where they finally caught up to her outside of a bar. But before they could get any information from her, Jango Fett killed her with a poisonous dart.

So why do I think Zam Wessel is cool? One- she’s a girl! I love seeing Star Wars women playing powerful roles (even if they are a “bad guy”). Two- she has a cool outfit. I love the veil that covers the lower part of her face. It gives her a really mysterious vibe. Three- she’s an alien. I guess technically everyone in Star Wars is an alien, but I love that she isn’t quite a human.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Zam, or who your favorite bounty hunter is! Let me know in the comments!


Forces of Destiny: April 2018 ComLINKS

*This post is part of a link up started by Jenmarie over at Anakin and His Angel. Each month she has a different galactic topic for us to explore and write about. This month we’re talking about our favorite episode so far from season 2 Forces of Destiny!

“The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small- shape us into forces of destiny.” // Maz Kanata, Forces of Destiny Introduction

Disney just released new episodes for Forces of Destiny! I honestly love these adorable little shorts because they offer us inside looks into the characters we already know and love! I especially love that Disney has focused on the female characters of Star Wars for this show. I think that it’s so great that we can show little girls (and big girls!) that it’s totally cool for them to love Star Wars!


Image from StarWars.com


Disney released this series last year, and they just recently added some more shows for season 2! It was really hard for me to pick a favorite, but I decided to go with episode 2, “Unexpected Company.” First, I loved this one because it features my fave girl Ahsoka Tano again! It also showed the awkward relationship between Anakin and Padme, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. The best part of this episode, however, was the last 30 seconds.

Padme: “You know, you and Anakin make a good team.”

Ahsoka: “Thanks…. I could say the same about the two of you.”

Padme: (looking very guilty) “Thank you, Ahsoka.”

Soooooo….. Ahsoka knows?! Honestly it totally made my day knowing that she does!

That episode was my favorite, but I wanted to give an honorable mention to “The Path Ahead.” It’s an episode featuring Luke and Yoda. No female characters are in this episode. So why would Disney decide to change up their show, which was to feature the women of Star Wars, and have an episode with only male characters?

To show that Star Wars is for everyone. We don’t need to have a special show just for female characters and a special show just for male characters. Forces of Destiny isn’t a girl’s show. It’s a Star Wars show. And Star Wars is for everyone. Girls, boys, grandparents, business owners, gamers, musicians, scientists, politicians, teachers, mothers, fathers- everyone. Star Wars is for fans who’ve been around since 1977, or fans whose first Star Wars movie was The Last Jedi.

Star Wars is for everyone.

Have you watched Forces of Destiny? Which episode was your favorite? And I’d love to hear how you feel about Star Wars being for everyone! Let me know in the comments!



Spoiler Free Review of “Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad” by Christie Golden

It’s all for the glory of the Empire, honey, and don’t you forget it. // Dahna, Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

As evil as the Galactic Empire was, I absolutely love reading about it- especially from the perspective of those working for it. I guess it feeds into my Dark Side a little bit! So when I saw this book at Target, I decided to give it a go.

I’ve never once played any real Star Wars video games (unless we count Lego Star Wars on my Gameboy Advanced!). I don’t even own a video game system. (I know- I’m a disgrace to nerd culture.) So I was a little worried I would be completely lost while reading this. I also never read the prequel for the original Battlefront game. But you definitely do not need to to have played the video game, or read the prequel for the first video game. I thoroughly enjoyed the book without any of the background knowledge.

The story was intriguing, and seeing the “special forces” of the Empire was a lot of fun. If you like reading about spies, you’ll also enjoy this book! At times it seemed like the story was a bit slow (especially at the beginning), but as you got into it the plot thickened and got a lot more interesting.

After I read the book, I did decide to go and watch the cutscenes (or “movie”) from the video game. It’s basically the in-between times of the game-play with the story-line. It definitely added perspective to the story! Even if you are like me and don’t play video games, I highly recommend doing this! You can watch it below, but be prepared that it’s almost 2 hours long. You can also watch the “up next” video which shows some set-up to The Last Jedi.

Iden Versio was definitely a favorite character of mine. Her character was developed in a way that made you sympathize with her (which you don’t always feel when reading about the “bad guys”). The book also makes watching the cutscenes more emotional!

Have you read this book? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

A Tribute to Star Wars: Rebels- March 2018 ComLINKS

*This post is part of a link up started by Jenmarie over at Anakin and His Angel. Each month she has a different galactic topic for us to explore and write about. This month we’re talking about our favorite scene from Star Wars: Rebels Season 4!

Image from Starwars.com

*WARNING: Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 spoilers ahead*

I was definitely late (very late) to the party when it came to Star Wars: Rebels. I don’t have cable, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay the money to buy the show on Amazon for a kids’ cartoon. But after watching The Last Jedi, I decided to give The Clone Wars a try (I just really needed something to tie me over until the DVD release!). It was on Netflix, and I figured if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be out any extra money. And then if TCW was good, I would purchase Rebels

I’m so glad I tried it. The Clone Wars started out a little slow (and the animation was a little weird to me at first), but I ended up loving it! (And becoming a major fan of Ahsoka Tano in the process.) Since I knew Ahsoka appeared in Rebels, I decided I would pay for the show. And just like with TCW, I am so glad I did!

I binged watched all 4 seasons (except for the last part of season 4) in about 3 weeks. I laughed and cried all the way through it. I loved watching Ezra grow as a Jedi, seeing Sabine find out who she really was inside, laughing at Chopper’s sarcastic beeps, watching Zeb build relationships with the crew, seeing Hera’s compassion, and watching Kanan grow as a mentor. Seeing Ahsoka become an even stronger person than she was in TCW was also amazing!

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene in season 4 because it was such an emotional roller coaster. I can still barely think about Kanan’s death without getting that emotional jerk in my heart. What really got me was right before he died, when his eyes became clear again. He could physically see Hera one last time. (Sorry, is someone cutting onions here???) Honestly, I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest.

Image from Nerdist.com

Fast forward to the finale and seeing Ezra sacrifice himself like he did made the tears flow again. But that last scene with Sabine and Ahsoka? I squealed with delight. And the kicker? And seeing little Jacen Syndulla, Spectre 7? I about fell out of my chair. That moment was the icing on the cake for an incredible run for this show.

So yes, this is definitely more than one favorite scene. But I think it’s impossible to narrow down to just one favorite!

Now that Rebels is over, I feel like I’ve lost some very good friends. (But the good news is I now own the entire series so I can visit them anytime I want!) But I’m really looking forward to see what new shows and ideas Lucasfilm and Disney come out with in the future! I would LOVE to see something with Sabine and Ahsoka, or even seeing Jacen as a member of the Resistance!

I’d love to hear about your favorite Rebels moment in the comments! Or let me know what Star Wars show you’d love to see in the future!

We will each be challenged- our trust, our faith, our friendships, but we must persevere, and in time, a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you, always.

-Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spark of the Rebellion)

Fandom Fashion: Rock & Luna

One of my favorite ways to show my love for a fandom is by wearing fandom-inspired clothes and accessories. And one of my most favorite companies to get fandom-inspired jewelry from is Rock & Luna.  There are so many great items on this shop, and she’s constantly adding new ones! Also, if there’s something that you want that you don’t see, you can always get a custom order!

Let me just show you how awesome and cute these items are! First up is this galactic ring. I love the simplicity of it, and the fact that it can go with lots of different fandoms- Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Star Trek just to name a few. Even if you’re not a fangirl, this ring is perfect!


Want to show your support for your favorite quidditch team? Check out this adorable golden snitch neckalce! It’s on a cord, so it makes it a little more casual which I love! I think it will look adorable with a Hogwarts house tee!


Speaking of Hogwarts house, show off your Hufflepuff (or whatever house you belong to) pride with this adorable house-themed necklace! She’s got necklaces for all of the houses, so you can rep the badger, eagle (yes- she has the book version!), lion, or snake in style!


Prefer to wield a lightsaber over a wand? Rock & Luna’s got you covered! She has these darling lightsaber necklaces in any color. So let your friends know if you’re a Jedi or Sith with this cute accessory!


Are you a Jedi like your father before you? Then wear this Jedi emblem necklace with pride. I think it would look absolutely STUNNING with a black dress!


If hunting the demogorgon is more your thing, you can definitely contact the Upside Down with this necklace! Friends don’t lie, and I’m definitely not lying when I say this is the perfect accessory!


Not into fandom jewelry? No worries! Rock & Luna makes a lot of every day accessories as well! This crystal necklace is just one of them. She’s got lots of crystals and stones that make gorgeous necklaces and rings.


And Rock & Luna doesn’t just sell jewelry- she’s got home decor, bags, keychains and more! Make sure to also check out her Instagram (@rocknluna) because almost every weekend she does an auction where you can get one of a kind pieces for GREAT prices!

Rock & Luna already has great prices on their items, but you can get them for an even greater price by using the code GEEKGIRLS10!

See anything you like? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



Star Wars ComLINKS: February 2018 Edition

*This post is part of a link up started by Jenmarie over at Anakin and His Angel. Each month she has a different galactic topic for us to explore and write about. This month we’re talking about who we love to share our love of Star Wars with!

My first memory of Star Wars was walking through our local grocery store as a preschooler. It was 1999, and The Phantom Menace was about to come out. Right in the middle of the store was a huge display of Queen Amidala in her regal red gown. I honestly was terrified of her! Neither of my parents were into Star Wars so it wasn’t something that I was immersed in as a child. I’ll admit that I thought Darth Vader was “Dark Vader” and a lightsaber was a “lightsaver” for the longest time. In 5th grade, my class watched TPM at science camp, and I even fell asleep in the middle of it! (I’m honestly ashamed of my pre-Star Wars fandom life!)

However, by the time I hit middle school I was a little more open to the story. I watched the prequels at a friend’s house and fell in love. (My first celebrity crush was Hayden Christensen, and I’ll admit I still have a crush on episode 3 Anakin!) The rest is history. But my family still wasn’t into it. I had quite a few friends in high school that liked Star Wars though, so I loved getting to share my love for it with them! My friends and I even dressed up as the characters for Spirit Week! (My costume consisted of black sweat pants, a black sweatshirt, and a plastic Darth Vader mask that was borrowed from a first grader- we all gotta start somewhere right? Too bad I don’t have a photo, but that was pre-Facebook days!)

I’m completely serious when I say I still have a crush on this guy.  Image from www.starwars.com

Now that I’m grown, I still don’t have a specific person that I can share my Star Wars love for. But I’m a teacher, and I LOVE getting to share my love for it with my students. We listen to the soundtracks in class every day. When we’re working I play ambient sounds from the Death Star. We have a porg as our “class pet.”  BB-8 and my meager Star Wars funko pop collection are on display on my bookshelf. I use a lightsaber toy as a pointer. In May (my birthday month!), we celebrate Star Wars Day, and I go all out with Star Wars decorations. It’s a lot of fun!

One of the coolest parts about it is that I’ve converted many of my students into fans as well! I have a lot of kids who now draw Star Wars pictures during their free time or discuss the movies together. And what I love the MOST is that it’s not just the boys in my class, but the girls too! If there’s one thing I want to accomplish with sharing my fandom with my students is that I want to show my girls that it’s okay to like science! It’s okay to like science fiction! It’s okay to like Star Wars! And it’s TOTALLY okay to be a fangirl about it!


This student draws star destroyers on all of his papers!

How about you? I’d love to hear how you share Star Wars with the people you love in the comments below! You can also join in on all of the fun with Star Wars ComLINKS by clicking the link on the photo below!





Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Thoughts

Waiting for this trailer has been like waiting for the postal worker to deliver your package. I’ve basically been stalking social media every day since “The Last Jedi” was released. The back and forth about whether or not it was going to be released during the Super Bowl was killing me. And then we saw the mini teaser, and I freaked.

And then we got the full teaser. And I freaked again. Big time.

It was amazing.

If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading and watch it. And even if you have seen it already, watch it again.

Here are my thoughts:

The full-length teaser opens with us in what looks like the shiny cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Honestly, I’m super excited to see the Falcon looking all shiny and pretty! Hopefully we’ll be able to see what happens with it that gives it the look it has in ANH.

Then Han (played by Alden Ehrenreich) starts telling us that he’s been running scams on the streets since he was ten. The trailer shows various “street” chases as Han continues to tell us he was kicked out of the Imperial Academy for having a “mind of his own.” I wouldn’t expect anything less of Han Solo, honestly. But hopefully we’ll get to learn exactly what that means though! And I’m also crossing my fingers that we’ll get to see Han in an Imperial uniform!

We then meet Woody Harrelson’s character Garris Shrike. He’s looking for a crew. We see Lando Calrissian (played by Donald Glover) and Qi’ra (played by Emilia Clarke). I feel like Glover has really got the Lando character down (and his style is always on point). I’m also really interested in learning about who Qi’ra is, especially because she tells Han later on that she’s the only one who knows what he really is.

Pretty mysterious, if you ask me!

Just as you think the trailer is about to be over, we get to see an awesome space (or is it? It looks like we’re in a storm?) battle/chase which I’m super pumped about because I honestly live for these in the Star Wars movies. Maybe it’s the Kessel run? Because we’re all dying to know what that is! It ends with some humor (which definitely characterizes Han Solo), and a huge alien of some sort with creepy teeth.

I honestly loved the trailer. It gives us a taste of the Star Wars universe that we don’t normally get to see. I love the Jedi/Sith conflicts, the Rebellion, Skywalker drama, etc., but obviously that isn’t the whole story. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to learn what the “regular” citizens of the galaxy are up to.

And an added bonus? The soundtrack sounds awesome. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars soundtracks, and I love that this has the same themes and feel, but adds a little extra, giving it that “space western” feel that Kathleen Kennedy mentioned in her interview with Variety.

Now this is just the official teaser, so we can definitely be looking forward to a full-length trailer sometime soon. (I’m hopeful we’ll get one during the Olympics some time?) But with just the teaser, I’m feeling REALLY optimistic about this movie. I was already super excited for it, but I’m even more so now that we’ve got some footage.

Also, we got some EPIC looking new posters for the movie as well. I love the Old West vibes we’re getting from them. They don’t have the traditional “Star Wars” look to them. Maybe that’s to broaden the audience some? Either way, I love them!

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters on May 25, 2018, and you can bet I’ll be at the premier!

What are your thoughts on the trailer and/or the upcoming move?

*All images were taken from the official Star Wars website.






Saving What We Love: Casual Star Wars Fashion

I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of the field/military jacket. It goes with practically everything, and it’s light enough to wear in Hawaii where I’m currently living. So when I saw this Rose-inspired jacket by Her Universe at Hot Topic, I squealed with delight!


First, I love that it’s a brownish color. I wear a LOT of olive green, and all of my field jackets are olive as well. So this adds a bit of variety to my wardrobe. I also love the length! It’s longer than most jackets, so it gives you that extra coverage if you want that. You could also wear it zipped up like a shirt, and the cute drawstring cinches right across your waist giving you a nice feminine look in an otherwise masculine design. I absolutely love the functional pockets as well! They are large enough for your phone, and the snaps are easy to undo so you can get to it quickly. (One of my pet peeves is pockets that are not large enough to be practical!)

For the casual observer, this jacket is just that. BUT this is where the fun begins (I hope you read that in your Episode 3 Anakin Skywalker voice!)- the rebel logo is hidden on the zipper which is a great touch! And on the right side of the jacket is some Aurebesh writing. And of course I translated it! It reads: GLD, Landing Officer. According to The Cancrizans, GLD stands for Ground Logistics Division.


I think we can safely say that this jacket has definitely become a favorite in my wardrobe. In the photos, I’m wearing it at work (I’m a teacher), so I paired it with a maroon skirt and moccasins. However it would look super cute with jeans or leggings too! I’m also wanting to try to pair it with some florals or stripes!

How would you style this jacket? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

You can grab this jacket from Hot Topic or Box Lunch!